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Whatever happens when you die? Do you fall into oblivion, do you begin life anew, or does something completely different happen? Are you sorted into a paradise, a half-way home, or a pit of suffering based on your actions and merits? When it comes down to it; is it fight or flight?

Stand up tall and make your move, we don’t have all millennia.



Hereafter is a Mulifandom Roleplaying Game. I know, oh god, another. But wait, don’t run yet. Instead of throwing your character into a crazy and new situation without a paddle; here they have something to do. If they don’t help their team, there are consequences. For those who were once strong, they’ll have to fight to regain their powers. And for all you old school fans, we’ve even added in a few light touches of the original RPGs. But don’t worry, it’s nothing terribly central. All you new kids just need to read a few things and decide if you want your character to do job A or job B. So come on down and give us a try, we promise that you’ll at least be amused.

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Help send a fellow geek to Otakon

Even though it pains me to do it... I'm selling one of my more prized possesions to raise money. I hope it finds a good home with a truly devoted fan such as I. Just click the picture and follow the link to the auction for more details.

Questions about the item, I will respond to both comments and emails (chachamaru @

May the force be with you.
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Me + Seattle = <3

I'm watching Sleepless In Seattle and it's making me extremely homesick. Especially the one scene where Tom Hank's character is walking down 1st/Pike st to Pike's Market Place and then it cuts to him eating fresh water clams while his friend talks to him about meeting women; it almost brought tears to my eyes. Seeing all the familiar places in the movie made me want to pack up and leave everything so I could live in Seattle again...oh, wait. I'm poor :(

New habit forming time!

From this day forth I'm going to quote parts of the book I'm currently reading because I love sharing...and most of the people I meet aren't as interested in reading and writing as I am so you get to share my burden of loneliness on this one.  So here's quote #2 from the abridged version of THE PRINCESS BRIDE by William Goldman:

Chapter 2:  The Groom (This passage is about Prince Humperdink)

Hunting was his love.
He made it a practice never to let a day go by without killing something.  It didn't much matter what.  When he first grew dedicated, he killed only big things:  elephants or pythons.  But then, as his skill increased, he began to enjoy the suffering of little beasts too.  He could happily spend an afternoon tracking a flying squirrel across forests or a rainbow trout down rivers.  Once he was determined, once he had focused on an object, the Prince was relentless.  He never wavered, neither ate nor slept.  It was death chess and he was international grand master.


I'm not too keen about the abridged version of S. Morgenstern's book, but I didn't realize it at the time when I was buying it that it was an abridged version; I didn't know who the author was to begin with.  I was just happy that I found out that the Mel Brooks movie version was based on a book and not something he created.
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I hope that Nietsche burns in HELL reall f5ck1ng well

With f#ck1ng burning oil. The guys is a fucking @ss. Not all of his ideas are @sshole ideas though. I am specifically talking about the idea of self proclaimed hell(Refer to my journal for discussion on that topic). I don't think we proclaim our own hell. I think Neitsche has as much basis proclaiming that we live in our own hell, as Plato proclaiming that our bodies are evil and our souls are good, and that f$%k1ng ghosts are people who could not control their bodies with their souls and after the body died they still wait aroun because they are in love with it. Do you believe in ghosts? And I don't belive ideas that do not have sufficient arguments behind them. Sarter's ideas appeal much better to me. He does not believe that we proclaim our own hell, but we live in hell because such is our destiny. We are destined to feel nausiated by this universe. Please post your hate mail together with your comments and I promise not to insult you. By the way, I never keep my promises.

maybe someone somewhere here will find this interesting..

hello! my name is ben or trent or whatever,
and i have just started a new community on livejournal entitled catchphrases.

the idea of it is to get people from all over to come together
and share the catchphrases that they find themselves using in their own lives.

membership is at an all time low, meaning just me as of this post...
but i have big plans and even bigger dreams for it!

so if this sounds interesting to you, please join
and post any catchphrases you regularly hear or say,
and maybe someday we can have, like, 10 members,
and then we can all get some new phrases in our lives.

thank you for your time.