SuperCommie (supercommie) wrote in keeg,

I hope that Nietsche burns in HELL reall f5ck1ng well

With f#ck1ng burning oil. The guys is a fucking @ss. Not all of his ideas are @sshole ideas though. I am specifically talking about the idea of self proclaimed hell(Refer to my journal for discussion on that topic). I don't think we proclaim our own hell. I think Neitsche has as much basis proclaiming that we live in our own hell, as Plato proclaiming that our bodies are evil and our souls are good, and that f$%k1ng ghosts are people who could not control their bodies with their souls and after the body died they still wait aroun because they are in love with it. Do you believe in ghosts? And I don't belive ideas that do not have sufficient arguments behind them. Sarter's ideas appeal much better to me. He does not believe that we proclaim our own hell, but we live in hell because such is our destiny. We are destined to feel nausiated by this universe. Please post your hate mail together with your comments and I promise not to insult you. By the way, I never keep my promises.
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